Web Development

We love development and programming. We are experts in all aspects of building a new website. We can assist you with everything from websites to mobile apps, intranets, e-commerce, and more. When developing a new website, it’s important to consider the big picture to achieve the best possible results.

We create amazing websites that both Google and your visitors will love. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we possess invaluable expertise in what works and what doesn’t.

As our client, you’ll receive recommendations for solutions based on thousands of hours of experience from various business web projects. It’s hard to beat.

Quality in everything we do

We always build websites with quality in mind. Using a pre-made theme, for example, in WordPress may quickly get you a website, but the site won’t load fast, and you’ll struggle when you want to extend the functionally of the website. We craft excellent websites that both Google and your visitors will love, and you’ll also get a website that will last for many years to come.

Platform independence

We work with multiple platforms and CMS (Content Management Systems). We are platform-independent, which means we help you choose a CMS that’s best for you. We have significant experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Contentful, Concrete CMS, and more. All the systems we work with are open source, which means there are no licensing costs, unlike Adobe Experience Manager, Optimizely, and others.

How do i administer the website?

Regardless of the platform you choose based on our recommendations, you’ll love the user interface. We build the entire website based on different blocks. You can place these blocks wherever you want on each page, and of course, create as many pages as you like.


We have integrated with most external systems you can think of, from various payment solutions like PayPal, Klarna, PayEx, to ERP-systems, email services, Salesforce, and more.

When we build integrations, we always ensure that all processes work perfectly. Most websites almost always include some type of integration, although perhaps not as extensive as this.