On a great website, design, form, and function need to work together in harmony. We have an extremely experienced design team that is creative and innovative. We work on all aspects of the process from ideation and concept to the final design/form.

We believe that you should be completely satisfied, and we work on the design with you until you are completely satisfied. Our experience includes designing everything from websites, mobile apps, print materials, and more.

Throughout the entire process, we focus on the purpose and goals of the website and how the design can contribute to enhancing the user experience and increasing the conversion rate. Every project is unique, but what they all have in common is that we always get to know you, your company, and your customers deeply before we begin creating user experiences.

With good design, you can:

  • Drive growth, build customer loyalty, and strengthen brands.
  • Guide users correctly and increase conversions.
  • Achieve strategic business goals.
  • Create competitive advantages.

Ideation and Concept

In this stage, we go through your goals, visions, your brand, and more. We also discuss pure business goals, such as what you want visitors to do when they come to the website – purchase something, contact you, etc. We also identify any requirements, such as your current graphic profile. At this stage, the designer is always present so that both you as the customer can ask questions, and the designer can ask questions as well.

UX Design

Once the ideation and concept have been discussed, we move on to interaction design, sometimes also called UX design. Here, we start sketching layouts and flows to get visitors to do what we want. The end result in this stage is what is called wireframes, simple sketches to ensure that the flows, layout, and form feel right. Here, we iterate the process until you feel satisfied. We use modern tools like Figma, Adobe XD during the process, where you have access to clickable prototypes and the opportunity to leave comments on all parts of the design.

UI Design

Now comes the fun part – we start adding color, graphics, fonts, and more. If you already have a graphic profile, we use it; if you don’t have one, we help you create one. Now we make sure everything is perfect.


Throughout the design process, we have ongoing check-ins to ensure the design is heading in the right direction, but also to incorporate any changes or considerations that almost always arise.

When the design is complete, and you approve it, we start developing your website.

Icons and Illustrations

On a website, it’s important to have a lot of text so that Google and other search engines can find your website. Icons and illustrations are a great way to bring more life to the text. Icons can also be used to clarify the process or flow on the website. Our designers have extensive experience in creating icons and illustrations.

Accessibility – WCAG 2.1 AA

Web accessibility means that all individuals, regardless of disabilities, should have the opportunity to use the website. This involves ensuring that colors have proper contrasts, menus, content, and other parts of the website are marked with correct ARIA attributes. We have worked on several projects where this is an absolute requirement.